The Play

I have written a play. 

It's entitled 'The Con'. 

My theatre director friend Antonia and were planning a production of it in winter 2013/14, before she moved but we could not assemble a cast on time.

If I'm ever to take this play to the stage I shall need another passionate amateur director as well as six courageous thesps...

If theatre is in your blood and you live in the London area please get in touch with me on Twitter (@Peebi )

Here is the blurb:

The Con
A one act play, with six characters, in five scenes
London is engulfed by the biggest snowfall in 18 years. Transport is in chaos and all the schools are shut. In the open plan office of a nameless company, a handful of employees straggle in, late, cold and annoyed. Many of their colleagues haven’t made it in, particularly those with children.

Punctuated by the occasional ring of a phone, the coffee run, and the news headlines on the radio, a protracted, meandering debate develops about the relative merits of reproducing vs remaining child-free. Several colleagues weave in and out of the conversation, each bringing a fragment of their own story, each hinting at some inner turmoil.

The action is book-ended by the thoughts of Conte – the woman who starts off the debate with the aim to get the others to admit that ‘motherhood is a con, the biggest, most successful con of all time’ and who gradually reveals, as the day wears on, just how much anguish there is at stake in the question: is it possible to live a meaningful life without bringing another generation into it?
You can read the latest full text of the play here  - however, bear in mind that it's continually being tweaked and finessed as we prepare for a stage production. 

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